The words I wrote weeks ago still burned in my throat. I still remembered every detail in it, and I shutter as I think about it. I am a author writing in pen, so unfortunately I can’t erase my mistakes. That quote is very describable in the situation I am in currently. I should of never sent it in the first place, nor should have I sent the second one. Every time I think of those two dreadful, miserable days, I get goosebumps and I shiver as I think of those bad memories, that only happened two weeks ago. I have gotten my self buried in lies and cries, while using my own shovel. Today was okay, was not my greatest. The strangest thing happened, MBB called my name and was saying things during lunch. Of course it was too loud. With Blah right by his side, I couldn’t make out what they were saying. So I just turned around; but still, I couldn’t stop thinking about what they were attempting to tell me. I was curious and got goosebumps thinking of that one note. At band things were neutral, Blah glanced back at me every now and then. He just has to sit right in front of me. During PE I over heard him say "Kressie still-," but I couldn’t make out the rest because it was extremely talkativethat day. I can’t stop thinking of it. I really want to know what’s been going on. Ever since that one day after state tests and I asked him out… my world has gone down hill, I am still uttering in shock. The experience taught me many things: never trust your friends.


Okay, so right when everythings alright.

My (ex) friend just walked up to me and said "I HATE YOU!" and let’s just say Krystal is not the kind of girl who would do that. She is mad because I never talk to her… I never see her! So yeah… well anyways rather than that my day was AWESOME! =]

New Page

I have a new page called "About Me"

There is like 200 facts about me! GO GO GO!


I have gotten

  • Mia
  • Jazmyn
  • Haley
  • ME
  • Emily? (IDK if you said you would)

walk up to Beef Jerky and call him a jerk.


crying is okay here by the bonnie blues

Why do you even bother?

My day is already ruined! Why do you keep texting me? I really don’t care if you don’t beleive me, and I don’t give a crap.


Please watch the Altanta Brave’s games and the Auburn Homecoming game on TV this season, because my family has tickets to them, look for me screaming "WAR EAGLE!"  or "BRAVES ARE COOLER THAN THOSE YANKEE’S!" in the crowds!

I am sick and tired of blogging.

And yes, I’m gonna say it "IT GIVES ME —-(Removed because I am a GOOD person unlike SOME people)!" I realy don’t care what you think now. I am sick and tired of you guys just making my life misrable. If your just gonna come to my blog to yell at me and make my WONDERFUL day WORSE then don’t come at all. You’re just giving me more drama in my life, and I’m sick of it. If this keeps up I’m probably going to delete this blog, but of course you wouldn’t care. You should know if this post is to you or not, because your just ruining my day.

*This post was not to Lana*